Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Virtual Advent Calendar: Day 8

It's a beautiful day today. Clear blue skies and crisp air. My favorite type of winter weather. I'm quite tempted to pack up my knitting, don my wellies and drive down to the beach. Nearly all the snow has melted by now and it doesn't look too icy either. Although half of the garden hasn't thawed for two weeks so some of these winding country roads might still be a bit slippery.

I should really stay in wrapped up in front of the fire and do some crafting. I bought some of the sweetest Christmas fabric a few months ago and I really should decide what to do with it. Stockings, bunting, place mats??

So behind door No. 8 is...

...Riley Blake's Christmas Collection. I think the snowflake design is my favorite. So suggestions please - if you had your hands on a stash of yummy Christmas fabric, what would you make?


  1. I love this fabric! Red and pale blue look fantastic together.

  2. yeah they also have one with penguins and eskimos which is sooo cute!


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