Sunday, 19 December 2010

Virtual Advent Calendar: Day 19

I wished for snow and snow I got! Very inconveniently whilst I was driving home last night from doing some Christmas shopping. I ended up having to abandon the car half way up a hill and walking to my parents for the night. Luckily I was only half a mile or so away!

Anyway as soon as I got home this morning I grabbed my camera and walked cross the road to the beach. So I'm gonna take a break from the craft stuff today, and behind door No. 19 is...

...Snow! Now last night I was in danger of losing some of my fondness for snow. Sliding all over the road is pretty scary stuff you know! But waking up to this magical wonderland this morning more than made up for it. I've never seen snow on a beach before! And massive sheets of ice. It's remarkable. And I'm a very lucky duck to live in such a beautiful place. :)

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