Sunday, 5 December 2010

Virtual Advent Calendar: Day 5

I know I told you on the first day of the advent that I hadn't had a calendar for years, so I thought it's time to correct myself. No I wasn't lying, but that evening my mum decided she would get me one during the grocery shop. I unashamedly grabbed a Twilight chocolate calendar off the shelf and I have to admit the choccies are rather tasty, much like the two beautiful creatures either side of that lucky Mare on the cover. Anyway - I digress!

So today, behind door No. 5 is...

...this cute little Christmas Elves hanging! The pattern is by Jennie from Allsorts, and the instructions for the wall hanging above is found over on My Patchwork. So if you're all for a handmade Christmas, try your hand at making one!

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