Wednesday, 16 March 2011

WIP Wednesday

Help! I have been lost under a pile of granny squares!

I decided that I'd make myself a housewarming prezzie so I thought I'd make me a throw for my sofa (yes I do now actually have a sofa - no more floor for me!). I've crocheted 81 of these purple and cream squares and I've joined two thirds of them but have sadly run out of yarn! So this project is being put on hold whilst I scour t'internet for a match.

Maybe I'll pick up the dreaded shawl and give that another go in the mean time!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Happy St. David's Day

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus i chi gyd! I spent our patron saint's day in our capitol city, marching through the streets of Cardiff in full Welsh costume. Pipes and drums and dancing - what better way is there to spend an afternoon??

Anyways I'm absolutely shattered now, so I'll love you and leave you in favor of a big bowl of cawl and a welshcake. Nos Da!