Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Wish List Wednesday: Wool

So this week it's national wool week. I didn't actually know that until today but I've seen a few tweets flying around twitter and decided to have a look see. It's part of the Campaign for Wool headed up by HRH Prince Charles and is a worthy cause indeed.

My childhood is documented by the various hand knitted jumpers my mother and grandmother made for us, by woolen toys made by relatives- the more I think about it the more wool played a massive part in my life before I even started knitting myself!

Now I use wool for knitting, crochet and felting, and most of the crafts that I enjoy use some form of felt. So for this post I thought I'd mix my wish list items with a showcase of woolen lovelies that I've admired in the blogosphere.

Lucy's hooky makes over at Attic 24.

Claire's felt accessories over at The Rainbow Room

Pompoms galore over at HonestlyWTF.

Eskimimi Knits' hand dyed yarns

Betz White's felt flowers.

The "knitting is for grannies" school of thought is well and truly over - it's cool to crochet and I am enjoying wool's new found vogue. Especially all the fair isle that's around this autumn. So get those needles going, reach for your roving and get working on those winter woollies!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Checking In

Hello all! Yet again it's all quiet on the blogging front. I'd like to report that everything went great last week, I'm on the mend and being looked after really well. And my brain is in full working order so no sitting in front of the keyboard umming and ahing about what to write so that's a plus!

Anyway I'm definitely feeling a new found respect for pin cushions this week. Fabric definitely reacts better to being stabbed by needles than skin does. And being sewn up myself when all I do is sew is a bit surreal. Quite impressed with the stitching though! :)

I'm very happy that I'm able to manage a bit of knitting and sewing already - I thought it would be a while before I'd get anything like that done. And when I'm forced to just sit and do nothing I have lots of lovely things to keep my brain occupied. Today is Thanksgiving in Canada and my Great Aunt is planning on making a second thanksgiving dinner next week for when we're there. She's making pumpkin pie and I've never tasted it before so I'm so excited!

Anyway I tuckered myself out this morning stumbling around town looking like a zombie (hey it's nearly Halloween right?!) so I'm going for a wee lie down. I'll check in with you again tomorrow - have a lovely day!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Poorly Play List

Well for once I had a quiet weekend. A lovely one too I might add. A friend of mine came up to Derry for the day on Sunday and we drank tea, ate cake, walked around the city walls and discussed noetic science and other such light hearted topics! (Don't we sound so grown up??) We managed to get some X-factor in there too though don't worry!

But since then there has been a lot of flapping at Jemima HQ I have to admit. Lots of baking, laundry, cleaning, tidying and a wee bit of sewing too. But I'm not in the mindset for blogging today, so instead I thought I'd share with you some of the artists on the play list I put together for my hospital stay tomorrow (yikes!).

There we are - a little bit of what makes me smile. I wonder whether my musical soul mate is out there somewhere - anyone able to recognize all of those?? If not, here they are (left to right): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.
Right best get back to the flapping and faffing and trying to distract myself from thinking about tomorrow!

Friday, 1 October 2010

Folksy Friday

Look at the time! It's a late one from me today but I thought I wouldn't make it to the computer at all so thankfully I'm here! Right concentrate - what are we doing? Folksy Friday (is it Friday??) Ah yes well today's offering is my fave screen prints on Folksy at the min - here they are:

Tree Climbing Screen Print by lovelittle.

Plantlife original screen print by summersville.
Maze of Sparrows print by Kate McLelland.

Sleeping Foxes by Dee Beale.
Robots in Love by Mengsel.

That's that done then - phew! One thing to tick off the to-do list. Can you believe it's October already?? I don't know whether I'm coming or going these days but it makes for a nice distraction from my ever looming date with a surgeon.

My weekend shall be spent tidying, cleaning and finishing chores. I may even manage to squeeze a bit of sewing in there somewhere too - fingers crossed!