Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I love it when a plan comes together

So earlier this week I finally got an idea for a brooch that I thought was plausible, and after several hours of snipping and stitching the transformation is complete!

From these:

to these:

to the finished article:

So what do you think? I like the way they turned out. I didn't even have to change anything from my original doodling. Now all I need is to get some packaging sorted out and they'll be ready for selling. Happy Days!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Hello Mr Postman

I forgot to show you the lovely goodies that came from Edwina.Simone in the post on Friday:

How lovely it is to have a parcel full of lovely crafty bits drop through the letterbox. After untying and unwrapping I found the penguin is every bit as adorable as his picture!

This teapot pendant has spent the weekend hanging from my neck.

And she even threw in this surprise bear badge - cute isn't he?

A big thanks Abbi!

Just a quick note at the end to say that I've still got a couple of spaces open for the Art Exchange. Read more about it here. If anyone is interested please let me know before Thursday. Happy crafting everyone!

Monday, 29 March 2010

Tell me why I don't like mondays...

Well actually I know why I don't like this particular monday - I woke up sick and sore for the umpteenth time this year, it's miserable and dreary outside and the snow is once more on its way.

Today so far has been one of those days where all you want to do is jump into a big bag of roving,

Or wrap yourself up in yards of yummy fabric.

But I'm resigned to needing to take a pair of scissors to a giant stack of felt,

and cutting out countless flowers ready to be sewn into brooches.

Maybe if I close the blinds and make enough flowers I can pretend that it's a beautiful sunny spring day after all!

Friday, 26 March 2010

Folksy Friday

This week has been so up and down - I can't wait for a quiet weekend! But in the mean time I'll show you a few adorable little creatures to bring a smile on this miserable, rainy day.

This cute little sausage dog (aptly named Miss Sausage) is made by One Shy Elephant. Pop on over for a whole host of sock animals, including elephants, giraffes and cows!

Made by Kate makes a collection of sock hoppers and monsters, and also sells DIY PDFs and starter kits to make your very own monsters.

Rainbow the Sock Monkey is made by Katies Corner, who sells all manner of monkeys and bunnies.

Widget and Friends makes these adorable little bunnies, and also sells the bunk beds too! Perfect for tired little bunnies to snuggle up in.

And finally look at the puppy dog eyes on Miss Angelica. This cute little doggie and friends are made by Hotdog and Me.

Before I go I'd just like to tell you about this art exchange that I've signed up for. Nikki from Nikkimade asked me to take part, and basically I need 6 people who are willing to send one piece of art / craft work - whatever it is that you make - to the address emailed to you, then ask 6 others to send something to the next address on the list, and in return you should receive 36 pieces of art in the mail. It looks like a great way to network and I'll be blogging about everything that I receive. If it's something that you're interested in or if you'd like more info then please get in touch - email, comment here, send me a tweet.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

And The Winner Is....Me!!

Little did I know this morning, when I woke up blurry eyed and groggy, that today would prove to be a very lucky day.

First off I opened up my email to find that I'd won this Habitat lapu lapu chopstick set in a giveaway hosted by Bright.Bazaar.

How cute are those fish?? I'm going to have fun learning how to use them. The only time I've used chopsticks is when attempting (and failing miserably) to knit a thong made from strawberry laces as a joke valentine's day prezzie for BF. Turned out disastrously but here's the pattern in case anyone else wants to try their hand. The trick is to use one continual lace instead of trying to tie them all together like I did.

Anyhoo..... moving on from edible underwear.... I got a monthly 02 treats txt and dandered over to the website to hook my duck and win my prize. Usually I get useless prizes like free weekend txts which I already get with my sim card anyway. But today I won 50 free photo prints with Snapfish. They also have a 20 free print introductory offer going at the moment so I get 70 free prints in all. Extremely hand as I've been going on and on at BF for ages that we need to print some of the hundreds of photos we've taken since changing from film to digital.

Then whilst taking a break from uploading photos I thought I'd have a look at what was going on over on twitter when I get a tweet from Edwina Simone saying that I'd won her giveaway too!

Look at her beautiful teapot!! And have a look at the lovely goodies that I've won:

I have been in desperate need of a needle book for ages, as I said in my giveaway entry, all of my pins and needles are kept in tins but always open in the bottom of a bag and I spend ages bloodying my fingers trying to fish them back out again. And the penguin is nothing less than adorable! And as for the teapot pendant - well I may have mentioned my teapot obsession here before so this is the perfect prezzie for me. Take a look at Edwina Simone's Shop too - several of her items are on my "if I had an endless pot of money" list.

I seem to have been extremely lucky with giveaways this year. So I thought that now would be an appropriate time to announce that I'm planning my own giveaway soon. I'm just waiting for my logo and graphics to be finalized, then I'll be launching the shop with a giveaway. Watch this space for more information!

Anyway my great mood hasn't managed to banish the cold that's been lurking around our house for a week and more, so I'm off to snuggle under a blanket with a hot cup of tea, a pair of scissors and a stack of felt. Bliss!

Monday, 22 March 2010


I've recently rediscovered this beading project I started for GCSE Art. I can hardly believe that it's been sitting in a box somewhere unfinished for 8 years! Gosh how time flies.

I had completely forgotten that I'd done this, but thinking back I remember that it was meant to be the hairband of a Celtic goddess I was painting on fabric. I can vividly remember raiding my mums sewing box for a needle and thread, and buying the beads at hobbycraft! I didn't talk to anyone about the design, had never attempted to sew before, I just locked myself up in my bedroom one night and gave it a go! I even found the reminder of the beads in a matchbox too.

I gave up Art as a subject after GCSE but thinking back I remember that most of my projects involved working with fabric. For about five years I lost the creative bug somewhere but it's lovely to know that it's always been there just waiting for a little inspiration. And it's back with a vengeance now!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Weekend Baking

I just love a bit of weekend baking. On Friday the house was filled with the glorious smell of freshly baked bread wafting from the oven.

I decided not to bother with a loaf tin this time and just plonked the dough into the middle of a baking tray. I think it's my best loaf to date. It's really light and fluffy. BF seemed to like it as there's only half a loaf left now!

And as I've been left to my own devices this weekend whilst BF is away with friends in Donegal, I finally found the occasion to bake a carrot cake. One of my new year's resolutions finally ticked off the list.

The cake itself was beautiful. Really moist, sweet and spicy. Yum yum!

I was quite disappointed by the topping though. I found a recipe which called for 250g cream cheese with 200g icing sugar and lemon juice. The picture showed a stiff, spreadable icing which was exactly what I wanted. My icing however turned into liquid as soon as I added the sugar to the cheese. Not sure if it's because I used low fat cheese. I ended up bunging a bit of marmalade in the mix too. Also I only ended up using half of the topping so the rest will be binned before I'm tempted to take a spoon to it!

Anyway aside from the texture it is all completely yummy. I'll just have to sort the topping out next time I suppose. I think I've spent most of the weekend running into the kitchen and inhaling, much to the annoyance of my sinuses which are already battling a cold at the mo.

Right, must wrap this up as Ireland v Scotland has just kicked off. Go Ireland!!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Folksy Friday

Well the sun is shining brightly through the window this morning and it's getting warmer by the day. Fingers crossed that the long cold winter has finally subsided. Greenery is slowly spreading and shoots are desperately trying to flower. Roll on spring! So this week's Folksy Friday is full or flowery goodness. Enjoy!

For lots of lovely fabric flowers pop on over to hmsdesign.

Kitty Eden makes these lovely flower brooches, as well as other lovely wearables to liven up an outfit.

Nuada accessories makes these beautiful bracelets in a variety of different colours, with brooches and necklaces to match. There are also items made from felt, buttons, and sterling silver - bliss!

If only this brooch was made of candy floss - how delicious does it look?! This yummy felted flower is made by Dottydoesdaisies.

And finally for a large vase filled with 21 fabric roses take a look at MinXtures, who also sells sewn bags and clothing.

I'm off to bake some bread, and plant some "grow in a bag" lavender so that the house will be smelling glorious, both today and in a few weeks time. I hope everyone enjoys their weekends - I'm sure I will!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Paddy's Day Parade, Derry

The theme for this years St. Patrick's Day Parade in Derry was Springtime in Wonderland. Luckily the rain stayed at bay and although it was windy it was still warm. Here are a few photos I managed to snap:

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

St. Patrick's Day.

Happy St. Patrick's Day everybody! I hope you all find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and drink lots of Guinness today. BF and I are off into town to see the parade this afternoon then on to a barbecue. At least the sun is shining for the time being.

Have a lovely day everyone, and I'll leave you with some Paddy's Day eye candy. Enjoy!

1 - "Seaglass" 2 ply merino sock yarn by Abstract Cat Craft
2 - Green felt circle brooch by Charlys Gems
3 - Lucky Shamrock Brooch by Cut Paste Create
4 - Allsorts of Green bracelet by Ginnys Gems
5 - Clover Good Luck Mouse by Nats Nest
6 - Green A6 Notebook by Notes from the Underground
7 - St Patrick's day Meerkat couple by NiftyKnits
8 - Emerald Isle aran weight yarn by Wharfdale Woolworks
9 - St Patrick's day celebration bracelet by Sugarplum Kawaii

Monday, 15 March 2010

Handmade Weekend

Hello All. I'm back! Had a cracking weekend, but crawled through the door at 1am this morning with a stonker of a cold in tow. Needless to say it was a very restless night! Well at least it didn't come about at the beginning of the weekend.

The reason for my trip back to Wales was that one of my friends from school is going to Australia for a year - time for a surprise Bon Voyage party! I wanted to get her a prezzie but it needed it to be something that she could take with her so I decided to make her a passport cover:

The flower is a bit wonky but I'm pleased with my first attempt and it fits like a glove. Gonna make myself one soon.

Also I had a few custom orders to deliver - more bunting. They seem to be popular!

I think this is my favourite colour combination so far. The blue is so pretty!

I started using polka dot fabric for the flags too - so cute!

So after all of that crafting I took a well deserved walk on the beach in the beautiful sunshine.

Newport Sands, Pembrokeshire

But all good things must come to an end and it's back to the grindstone this morning. Having said that I did arrive home to find three parcels full of fabric, yarn and buttons waiting for me. Yum! I just need to get rid of this darn cold now. Happy Monday everyone!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

First Feltie - Norris the Gnome!

Well first off I'd like to say a very Happy Birthday to my lovely Dad. Being in his 60s and not too computer savvy I think it's safe to show you the prezzie I made for him.

I give you Norris the singing Garden Gnome!

My Dad is a gardener and has recently put up a new greenhouse to grow veggies in. As everyone knows that veggies taste much better if a garden gnome sings to them whilst they grow, Norris here will spend his days crooning amongst the tomatoes.

My Mum said she was excited to hear little Norris belting the tunes out, but I had to inform her that Norris is a very shy gnome, and only sings when he is completely alone with the plants. Disappointing, but yummy veggies shall be had none the less!

Give us a twirl Norris!

Norris and I shall be making our way across the Irish sea to sunny Wales tomorrow where he shall sit amongst the seedlings in his glassy new home. BF is not best pleased that he's leaving us though so I've promised to make Norris a sibling for us to keep in out little plastic grow tunnel thingy.

Norris is my first attempt at a feltie / softie and I'm very please with how he turned out. Maybe as I become more confident in making them, they in turn won't be so shy. In the mean time, Norris is waving you all goodbye (or at least he would be if I'd given him arms or hands) and packing his bags. Pack mine whilst you're at it Norris!

Monday, 8 March 2010

Yearning for Yarn

It always seems to go that when you've got a big stack of paperwork to get though there is something jumping up and down, waving its arms and shouting "pick me instead"!

For me yesterday it was this stack of yummy yarn that kept calling to me. "Grab a hook, take me out to the beautiful sunshine and turn me into pretty flowers" it kept saying.

Regretfully I had to decline, and once I was done with the paper-mound, went on to re-organize my craft room. All the while BF and friends where sunning themselves on a beach in Donegal. He came home and told me that he'd found a marvelous piece of driftwood for me to hang my lovely craft bits from, but then they'd gotten stranded and had to use it as a bridge to cross a river. How helpful that information was to me!

It's not all bad though. I worked, tidied, wrote, organized and threw away, all the while comforting myself with the knowledge that in less than a week I too shall be walking along the shore here:

and here:

and here:

But plenty more to be getting on with before then. I have several meetings and appointments this week, and I need to make birthday prezzies for my Dad, Mothers Day prezzies for my Mum, a few custom orders and a secret prezzie that I'll give you a sneaky peak of once it's finished. All before Thursday. Best get on then!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Folksy Friday

My brain is fried trying to choose between two concepts for my logo design. I keep changing my mind! So I thought I'd take some time out to write this weeks Folksy Friday. I'm currently working on another order for personalized bunting and absolutely fell in love with the powder blue shade of felt I'm using for the lettering. I love working with felt and adore the massive range of colours it offers. I currently own 71 different shades! Bliss. So felt shall be this weeks theme, and here are my Friday favourites:

Who wouldn't want three golden suns dangling from their wrists? This beaded bracelet by fatcat felt would brighten even the grayest of days.

This crocheted then felted rose brooch is made by the pink fairy cake, whose shop also features very pretty felted bracelets, hair slides and rings.

If ever you need to go incognito then lupin handmade will sort you out. As well as brooches, ornaments and felty supplies, there is a range of moustaches and masks to render the wearer unrecognizably disguised. Laura currently has a sale in her etsy store : Free gifts for all buyers & 10% off for orders over $20 until Monday.

This vibrant needle felted brooch is made by Idéekado. At long last our skies have been shining a similar shade of blue all week. Long may it continue!

And finally this felted bead bracelet is made by fyberknitics. The earthy lime and teal colours are beautiful!

So now that's done it's back to deciding on the logo. I think I've made my mind up now - we just have to do a few revisions. It's all very exciting! I have my start date at long last so not long to go now at all. I'll be spending most of my weekend in my favourite place - behind my sewing machine. I hope you all enjoy the lovely weather, whatever you may be doing!