Friday, 3 December 2010

Virtual Advent Calendar: Day 3

I love rituals and traditions. I love how we as human beings have created this global festival that takes over the dullest, darkest months of the year. And I love how we've adapted traditions to suit the rituals and religions of dominance.

Behind door No. 3 is.....

...the Christmas wreath. After a bit of research it seems like hanging wreaths from doors derives from Roman times, and was adopted as a Christmas tradition when Christianity took over as the dominant religion.

I'm gonna try my hand at making a wreath this year. There's nothing better than donning a pair of wellies on a crisp winter's day and scouring the countryside for holly and fallen pine cones. I might wait until the snow has thawed though before venturing out - those pine cones might be a little hard to find otherwise!

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