Friday, 30 April 2010

Folksy Friday

Did Friday come around already? How did that happen? Well I suppose if it actually is Friday then it's time for Folksy Friday! Now anyone who follows my ramblings on twitter will know that I've been chattering on about biscuits all week, so this week's theme pays homage to the yummy custard cream, king of the biscuits, and all his crunchy friends.

These Jam Ring biscuits can be found in the world of Pipinopolis. I think these would look great with a little tea set!

This selection of biscuit shaped soaps is made by BitsNBobs. Wave to the custard cream!

I used to love these as a kid. These yummy Party Rings are made by British Cream Tea.

Truth be told I'm really not a fan of bourbons, but BF devours them so I though it only fitting to include them. I'm sure if this one was sitting about then BF would devour it too! It's made by Homemade Home.

And finally these crocheted little yummies are made by treaclezoo. Mmmm pink wafers!

Right well after all that I think I'm gonna need a cuppa and some real biccies. Then I'm off to finish off some more brooches and maybe do some cutting. I hope everyone enjoys their bank holiday!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

You know you're having a bad day when...

... you absentmindedly sew through your finger.

I didn't even notice I'd done it, I was just getting annoyed that the thread was getting caught in something. Luckily I only went through a few layers of skin. Stings a bit though. Must invest in some thimbles!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Business Stationary Finally Here!

So peeps, Mr Postman just knocked on my door with the last of my stationary. My kitchen table has just been commandeered by all things Crafty Jemima!

I got these business cards the other day from Moo Cards:

I also got some mini ones and a sticker book. I love stickers!

Then I got a large box from Vista Print this afternoon full of loads of these lovely postcards:

As well as some note cards and stationary.

It's so great to finally see this stuff printed and real and touchable. It took quite a bit longer than I'd expected to get all of this sorted out, but I suppose that makes it all the better now they're here. I suppose I'd better box it up again and get back to the sewing machine - if I can manage to stop staring at it all in glee!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Well over the weekend I cracked on with my hexagon production and added another 100 to the pile.

I also started sewing them into groups of 3:

There's something so satisfying about seeing the pile growing and expanding. I want to finish making all of the hexagons before deciding on a project for definitely. I think I'll make some red and pink polka dot hexes too.

And before I go I just wanted to say that I had an email from Connie, of KonnieKapow yesterday saying that she'd mentioned me in an article that she'd written for So I dandered over and had a read and it really is a lovely article. She writes about the loyalty of the online crafting community and has some good business advice too. Take a look here.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Rollercoaster Weekend

Well I had rather an emotional weekend. On Saturday morning I got a call from my Dad saying that they'd had to have the dog put down. Now I knew the last time I was home that she was on her last little legs and it was probably the last time I would see her, but it was still horrible news. Poor Meggie. She was such a cute little dog! We got her when I was 10, she was blind, loved sausages, smelly feet and belly rubs, and was a bit bonkers!

I took a pile of snaps of her last time I was home but this was the only one that didn't turn out blurry!

But as a tiny consolation, yesterday I made my first ever sale on Folksy! Have perfected a little sales dance. Must remember not to do it at craft fairs though or I'll get some very strange looks!!

Friday, 23 April 2010

Folksy Friday

Morning all. Happy St George's Day! It seems that a lovely weekend has been forecast for England especially for the event! So without further ado, here are this week's St. George's themed Folksy Friday items:

This squishy denim Union Jack cushion is made by The Feely Shop. Check out the shop for all things Union Jack!

These adorable little English Roses bath melts are sold by thepinkfairycake.

This fine art photographic print of beach huts in Suffolk is sold by Tim Irving.

These Teapot Badges are designed and made by Lou Peajeux. As is stated in the description, "what better way to celebrate the English brew than by pinning a pot on your pullover!"

And finally this London themed cartoon greeting's card is made by Groovyart.

It would seem that our weekend will be spent under a cloud of drizzle, but I hope the weather picks up for the rest of you. At least it's getting warmer. And there's nothing like being stuck indoors to inspire a good bit of crafting!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

New Listing and New Project.

So my personalized bunting has been added to the folksy shop. These are the first things I started to make as gifts.
They're available in 7 different colours,

in polka dot or plain cotton,

And can feature any name you want! I've also started work on a new project: Babushka Passport Covers:

I thought I should complete one first before sewing them all then finding out I'd made a mistake. I should have it done soon so I can spend the day blanket stitching. Oh how I love to blanket stitch!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Kreativ Blogger Award

So I've been given another blog award. Wow! A big thanks to Katie from A Stitch in Time for the nomination.

This time I'm meant to tell you 7 facts about myself:

1 - I'm the youngest of 5 girls, I have 5 nephews, 2 nieces and there's only 2 months and a day between me and my eldest niece.

2 - I've never broken a bone, never been in a car accident and not had many injuries at all. My sister on the other hand was forever falling over, breaking bones and spraining limbs. Completely accident prone!

3 - I have IBS and Endometriosis. I guess that makes up for being lucky with injuries, but on the up side it probably led to my renewed interest in crafting and my current career path. Silver Lining!

4 - I have been proposed to several times, but never by a boyfriend.

5 - 4 years ago (gosh time flies!) when I was in Lesotho I met a prophet who told me I was going to have a son. She didn't specify when though!

6 - I have literally had to sing for my supper. In 2005 when we were working in an inter-celtic festival in France my sister I went back to the lodgings of a bagpipe band and as we weren't meant to eat there we had to stand on a table in the dining hall and sing a duet before we were given anything to eat. Fun times!

7 - Once when I got home from work someone rang the doorbell looking for my flatmate. I said he wasn't in and hung up the buzzer. I hadn't realised that the guy on the other end had driven 75 miles to see our friend and had to sit in his car outside for over an hour until my flatmate came home. I felt guilty about locking him out and spent the night talking to him. Well we got on very well and 4 and a half years later we're still together!

Right so now you know a little more about me I have to nominate 7 others to pass the award along to:

Lucy from Attic24
Cathy from Little Eve
Laura from She Draws
Gabrielle from The Green Gal
Caroline from Chain of Daisies
Julie from Little Cotton Rabbits
Constaca from Saidos da Concha
Looking forward to getting to know these ladies a little better too!

So the rules are post the pic, you link back to me, tell us your 7 facts and pass it along to 7 others, letting them know that they've gotten this lovely award. Have fun!

Monday, 19 April 2010

Facebook, Folksy, and Weekend Sewing

Well I was a busy bee over the weekend - I set up a facebook fan page and also started to list items on Folksy. So far I have Hang Hearts and Flower Brooches for sale:

Now there's a lot more to do and I'll be continuing to list more items today, but I'm really pleased that everything's taking shape. And when I was fed up of typing and uploading I sat curled up in front of the TV and worked on my latest obsession:

Hexagons. I've been teetering on the edge of starting a hexagon project for a while now but last week I found the Texas Freckles blog and it pushed me over the edge! So far I have 81 of them. I need to branch out and add some more colours next. I'm excited to see what they look like sewn up. And I'm completely undecided as to what to do with them. So many options! Any suggestions?

Friday, 16 April 2010

Folksy Friday

Gosh I'm all in a kerfuffle this morning. I woke up convinced it was Thursday! Anyway I've been loving the sunshine this week so I thought I'd go with a bit of a vibrant Folksy Friday today, and ended up with a supply theme. Here they are:

Paisley Chainsaw sells these sweet little starry buttons. Check out her shop for cute little accessories and supplies.

These bright mix felt squares are sold by Lupin Handmade.

These cute little beads are similar to ones I had when I was little, and are sold by onemansjunk.

Look at the scrumptious roving!! It looks like a multicoloured candy floss - good enough to eat. Alchemy Fibre Arts has a few different shades of yumminess to choose from.

And finally I just want to frame this picture and put it on my wall. So beautiful! Pop over to Chain of Button Daisies for lots more buttons!

I hope these lovely bright things bring as big a smile to your faces as they do to mine. Enjoy your weekends everyone!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Circle of Friends Award

Well as I mentioned yesterday Jessica from Imagination in Flight has nominated me for the Circle of Friends Award. Thanks Jess!so first off I need to share with you 5 things that I love. Here they are:

1: My Sister

She's two years older, four inches shorter, and jetting away to Canada next month with her lovely fella for a whole year! And as we live 450 miles apart already I'll not get the chance to see her again now before she goes. Sob! I've promised to buy a web cam and get skype up and running so that we can continue to natter (and believe me the girl can natter!) as usual.

2: Jeff

Jeff was my sister's teddy who was left unwanted and abandoned on her windowsill until my chubby little fingers were able to drag him down and he hasn't left my side since. He is extremely agoraphobic, enjoys reading stories about vampires and helps me with my sewing. He will also be choosing giveaway winners so keep your eyes peeled for more Jeff!

3: Boiled Eggs

Confession - I actually had to postpone writing this post so I could go and boil some eggs after searching for pictures of them made me hungry! I could live on boiled eggs. If I was stranded on a desert island and could choose 3 things to take with me a Chicken would definitely be one.

4: Symmetry

image c/o APPLIQUE

The OCD in me loves symmetry. Everything needs to be equal and straight and dividable - neat and tidy. Have had to put away the rug we had in the living room because BF would kick it out of place on purpose just to watch me get up and correct it. Very very mean.

5: Harry Potter

image c/o Road to Joy

Guilty pleasure? Nope, no guilt here! I was the same age as Harry when the first book came out, and boy did I wish I went to Hogwarts! I love the escapism of these books and every few months I stick on the audio books as a background to sew to and get disappointed at the end of the day when I have to turn them off.

So there you have it - 5 of my many loves. Now here are my 5 nominees:

Abbi from edwina.simone
Alicia from Posie Gets Cozy
Jane from APPLIQUE
Allisa from Quiltish
Christina from The Sometimes Crafter

Check them out - lovely people and lovely blogs!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A Productive Day

Well the blog has had a makeover. Do you like it?? I do! A massive thanks to Dionne over at The Ink Studio for her amazing work. All the graphics are completed and uploaded so it's time to get this show on the road! I spent my morning doing all of that and ordering stationary etc. and I've even found time this afternoon to get my squares finished for the new quilt.

Back to the sewing machine:

And voila, a completed pinwheel square!

Would you believe me if I told you all of my seam are this perfect? How about if I smile innocently and flutter my eyelashes?? Thought not. Although if the seams were all perfect then it would lose the handmade touch, look too manufactured. Keep telling yourself that Nerys!

Anyways I'm off to the ironing board to give these a quick run over before trimming them and sewing them together. But before I go I just want to say that the lovely Jessica from Imagination in Flight has given me The Circle of Friends Award. A perfect end to this gorgeous day! Basically you blog about 5 things you absolutely love and pass the Award on to 5 deserving blog friends of your choice. I'll be doing that tomorrow then!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

New Quilt

Yesterday I started making a new quilt out of the prettiest fabric ever. I've had this fabric for quite a while now, I absolutely love it cause it reminds me of pajamas. I cut it into strips,

sewed two together,

then added a third.

Stacks of spotty loveliness!

Here's where I've reached so far.

I even started making some hexagons to applique out of the same fabric.

As a rare treat I'll have the car this afternoon so I'm planning a trip to the out of town fabric warehouse to pick up some thread and plain cottons. Until then it's back to the sewing machine for me!

Monday, 12 April 2010

Sun Day in Donegal

Well some of you may know that I had a weekend of sewing planned. But come Sunday I was lured out of the house by the temptation of a beach picnic. Who could resist?? So we loaded up the car and off we went for a trip around north Donegal.

First stop Grianan Fort,

which overlooks loughs Swilly and Foyle.

Then on to Dunree beach, where we managed to clamber over pebbles and rocks away from the main beach to a tiny little secluded inlet.

Where much sunbathing was to be had, as well as the first paddle of the year!

But herein lies the problem: As we have been lounging on the beach enjoying the sunshine and the feel of sand between our toes, the tide has been creeping in, submerging the rocks and pebbles previously clambered over to reach the inlet. With lack of bathers, various backpacks and two non-swimmers in our midst, swimming back really isn't an option. Which only leaves one other solution:

Hiking a mountain of course! Our relaxing lazy day had officially ended and trudging up the hillside with no water was no fun at all, but the views from the top were absolutely breathtaking.

Then it was down the other side through bog and brambles to change our sodden shoes before visiting Dunree fort.

A lovely, if not rather more exhilarating day than was expected was had by all, and there was just enough time for a quick supper before falling into bed for a great night's sleep!