Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Wishlist Wednesday

First off I need to apologise for my lack of blogging over the past week. This is what happens when you plan an impromptu trip to Wales, forget to bring your camera and then realise once you've got there that your chances of getting online are slim to none. Oops.

But I got back last night and after the milk fiasco this morning (i.e. there not being any and hence no tea!) I am calm and collected and back in the land of blog. Phew! Right now as it is Wednesday (I think!) I'll get you in on another something on my Grown Up Wish List.

Having grown up in the countryside I'm used to old country furniture, and I'd on my list for things I want in my imaginary house is a china cabinet. In welsh we call it a "seld" and a lot of farmhouses would have one displaying their best crockery and tea sets. They're lovely, and I've seen a few made-over recently as craft storage solutions too!

This one has a very "cottage by the sea" feel to it. I love that all the china inside is white too.

I found this beautiful shabby chic cabinet over at Cameo Kids Boutique. It's been painted pink on the inside - there's an idea! And I've also seen a few people wallpaper the inside of theirs too. Lovely.

And Jenny from Allsorts keeps her fabrics and craft supplies on show on her lovely white cabinet. I'd never in a million years manage to keep it as tidy as that though if I had one!

I would however take a beautiful picture of it pristine and lovely and pretend to you and the rest of the world that it was like that always!

Anyway my imaginary house is really starting to take shape now. If anyone would like to give me a real bricks and mortar house, for free preferably, or in exchange for a lifetime's supply of banana bread and carrot cake, my email address is on the blog!

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  1. They're all gorgeous, and Jenny's tidiness is awesome!

    Hope you had a great time in Wales. :-)


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