Thursday, 16 September 2010

Fruits of my Labour

Here they are - my biggest crop so far, in all their beautiful imperfection. I am so proud of them, especially considering I don't have much of a garden at all.

I have loads of tomatoes still on the vine that need to redden and loads of peppers to come yet, but so far this year I've only one of this and a couple of that ripen all at once.

My courgettes are starting to taper off now, but I've had some beauties this year from that plant too! If anyone is interested in growing their own then I'd definitely recommend looking up Alys Fowler - she's a gardener's world presenter but she's just done an "Edible Garden" series for the BBC and I am in love with her garden! Mine will be like that one day I swear.


  1. That's great! The tomatoes look so yummy. It's so nice to see, as you say, the fruits of our labour. The only thing I could grow so far were small but very tasty potatoes. Need to try to plant other things :)

    Good luck with your small garden!

  2. Yep they are so much tastier than shop bought veggies. I want to give potatoes a try. I hear you can grow them in big plastic bins so I'll have to give it a try. I have a big list of things I want to try next year.

  3. Hello nice to meet you!
    I have had a varied veg growing year, but the courgettes have been immense this year!
    Glad to hear Brittany hasnt changed much over the years.
    Have a great weekend


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