Monday, 20 September 2010

Custom Order With a Twist

So my mum very kindly took some of my stuff along to sell at a craft fair last month and I got an order for personalised bunting from her. However instead of the fabrics that I offer for the bunting, this order came in for all different kinds of fabrics, mainly pinks, but nothing solid. So after raiding the stash here's what I came up with!

I actually think it might be my favourite so far (yeah I think I say that about every order I make but it's true!) and I might eventually add a different selection of fabrics to the listing. But for now feel free to ask what I have in my stash if you'd like something a bit different!

p.s. Somehow over the weekend I made it to 100 blog followers. Yay! Thank you everybody. Doing a little celebratory dance and glad there's no one watching :)

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