Thursday, 23 September 2010

Not so Fruitful

Now I may have harked on about my displeasure with the gravelly back yard that I have, and hankered after a lovely big veg patch or allotment, but as I'm stuck with my lot for the time being, I grow my veggies in a plastic shelving unit. It has a double zip up the front and the shelves are removable, so I had two tomato plants and a chili pepper in a grow bag in the bottom, and a sweet pepper plant in a pot at the front. Anyway, now that the sun has gone into hibernation I decided to bring my potted pepper inside to see if it would fare any better.

For some reason the slugs and caterpillars have gone to town on this plant, and it's looking very holey and disheveled. So far I've only gotten one fully grown pepper from it and a lot of the flower heads have shrivelled up and dropped off before new peppers can form. But all is not lost! The heat of the house and light from the kitchen door seem to be working because I have several new (and rather pretty) blooms coming as well as the flowers that were already there. Their stalks seem firm too so fingers crossed they'll prove fruitful at last.

I'm not familiar with pepper harvesting so someone please tell me whether I'm completely deluded in thinking that I'll get more peppers this late in the year. Note to self: next year plant out earlier!


  1. ahhh glad its not me. ive had loads of flowers this year but they havent turned into anything. still getting lots now :(
    dont know why. sorry no help atall was i

  2. Well at least I know it's not me who's neglecting my plants! :)


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