Monday, 13 September 2010

Weekend Antics

Remember that post I wrote on Friday? The talk of open fires and cups of tea? Well it would seem that as soon as you're planning a slow sleepy weekend just the opposite happens. On Friday evening I found out that Derry's very own Undertones were playing in Brooke park on Saturday afternoon - not only was it a free gig, but also there was a whole host of local musical talent to keep us entertained all day long.

So off I go, with some sandwiches and some hand sewing, and had a thoroughly lovely afternoon. Most of my day was spent doing a lot of this:

Blanket stitching the hours away with a beautiful view and the sounds of choirs, blues bands and orchestras wafting through the air. Then we moved closer to the stage to see the main event - the Undertones in all their hip wiggling glory!

What a treat to see them play in their hometown, sounding as great as they did the day they began (I assume as I don't think I was born then!). Well I'll have to reserve next weekend for soup and tea under blankets, especially if the weather stays this miserable. Bye bye summer - you were fun!


  1. Erm...I'm old enough to know most of their numbers... 'My perfect cousin!' (-;

  2. I'd never heard it before but it was my favourite song. Loved the lyrics!


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