Thursday, 9 September 2010

Canada Cowl

So what with the weather taking a turn for the worst over the weekend I decided to start thinking about warm snugly clothing and started knitting this baby. I've christened it my Canada Cowl:

I think (but don't quote me) that the yarn is Sirdar Escape, but whatever it is it's warm and chunky and I can't wait for it to be cold enough outside to wear it! I have been assured that autumn in Vancouver will be obliging.

I didn't follow a pattern, I just knitted a few inches of ribbing either end and stocking stitched the middle as long as I fancied. I would have preferred to knit it in the round but it was a late night knitting craving and I didn't have circular needles in the right size.

I still have one ball left and I think I might just have enough to make some chunky hand warmers to match. So if you happen to be in British Colombia next month and see these pretty blues, purples and pinks out and about then stop and say hi - I'll be the one huddled underneath!

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