Friday, 30 April 2010

Folksy Friday

Did Friday come around already? How did that happen? Well I suppose if it actually is Friday then it's time for Folksy Friday! Now anyone who follows my ramblings on twitter will know that I've been chattering on about biscuits all week, so this week's theme pays homage to the yummy custard cream, king of the biscuits, and all his crunchy friends.

These Jam Ring biscuits can be found in the world of Pipinopolis. I think these would look great with a little tea set!

This selection of biscuit shaped soaps is made by BitsNBobs. Wave to the custard cream!

I used to love these as a kid. These yummy Party Rings are made by British Cream Tea.

Truth be told I'm really not a fan of bourbons, but BF devours them so I though it only fitting to include them. I'm sure if this one was sitting about then BF would devour it too! It's made by Homemade Home.

And finally these crocheted little yummies are made by treaclezoo. Mmmm pink wafers!

Right well after all that I think I'm gonna need a cuppa and some real biccies. Then I'm off to finish off some more brooches and maybe do some cutting. I hope everyone enjoys their bank holiday!


  1. Mmmm... What a delicious selection! (-:

  2. yummy! I might have to get that bourban to trick hubby he he

  3. Wow great selection! They all look scrummy! hehe! : ) x

  4. Yummy!

    I loved party rings as a kid, very dissapointing trying them as an adult though!

  5. Great picks they look so yummy even though you cant eat them!

  6. Brilliant selection! I love cake but biscuits come a close second! Hopped over from Craft Blog UK to say hello! Please pop over to my blogif you get a chance, my FF theme is on upcycled book pages.......


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