Friday, 9 April 2010

Folksy Friday

It was lovely last weekend to be home without any sewing to do, so I browsed through my mums knitting magazines and started knitting a cute little cat, just because. I haven't knitted for so long! Of course I haven't touched the cat since I got home but I will finish him. I'll have to have him done by next month because my mum's coming over to stay and wants her pattern back!

Anyway in honour of my re-kindled love of knitting here are this weeks Folksy Friday:

This beautiful fabric backed knitted baby blanked is handmade by smitten. I'd love to snuggle under a giant one of these, especially this weekend whilst we wait for an oil delivery!

This Carnival Silkie lightweight scarf is knitted by Edie O'Hara Designs, who has a lovely range of knitted scarves and cowls to suit every season.

This yummy hand dyed yarn is from Knit Cave. You can find yarns of every shade of the rainbow in her shop.

This adorable little hand knitted purse is made by Sarah Elizabeth Designs. Love the cute little buttons!

And finally this lovely machine knitted scarf is from Amanda Sainsbury. I love these colours together and the pattern is so pretty.

Well we've been forecast lovely weather and 17 degree temperatures so fingers crossed we'll make it to the beach tomorrow. I hope everyone enjoys the sunshine and has a lovely weekend.


  1. Great picks! Love the purse, how cute! : ) x

  2. Welcome to the 'Folksy Friday' post. That orange purse is really zesty and cheerful!

  3. lovely picks, I love the blanket,

  4. Thank you so much for including me in your Folksy Friday post. It has really made my day and I am so happy to be included with so many lovely items from gifted artisans.

  5. That orange purse is one of my Folksy favourites. The yarn is gorgeous - off to investigate the shop - thanks!

  6. Lovely scarf from Amanda, baby blanket is cute too, hope the sun shines for your weekend :0)

  7. Great first Folksy Friday, well done x

  8. Edie O'hara Designs9 April 2010 at 22:57

    thanks for showing my colourful silkie. I was amazed to be featured thanks again x

  9. It's not my first folksy friday, it's just the first time I added mine to the folksy forum. Payed off too! thanks everyone for your lovely comments. And congrats to everyone who made the lovely items.
    Nerys x

  10. Thank you for featuring my scarf!
    I love the baby blanket :D


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