Friday, 2 April 2010

Folksy Friday

Happy Good Friday everyone. And a happy 81st Birthday to my lovely Gran! And a Happy Anniversary to my lovely Parents! Don't we have lots to celebrate this weekend? We managed to make it back to Wales relatively hassle free in the end, and we'll be spending the day with my Gran, Sister and Mum, before my Dad gets home from work. A lovely start to the Easter weekend.

And speaking of Easter, here's this weeks Easter themed Folksy Friday finds:

These Kids Tote Bags, made by CurlyTop are perfect for collecting and storing lots of yummy easter eggs.

This cute little polymer clay chick, made by The Seven Seas, is the perfect Easter decoration.

This pretty Happy Easter Card is made by Design Rocks. A Happy Birthday to designer Cheryl who's Birthday falls on Easter Sunday this year.

This adorable little bunny is made by The Hunny Bunny Company. Fingers crossed that the Easter Bunny remembers to stop with some Easter eggs at our house!

And finally these beautiful Egg Cosies by Charlotte Macey Textiles. I am a massive fan of boiled eggs and need to get my hands on a pair of cosies to pretty up my breakfast.

Well I hope everyone enjoys their Easter weekend, has a great time with their families and eats far too many chocolate eggs!


  1. Hi Nerys,

    Thanks for the feature - and remembering my birthday - how sweet of you!


  2. Happy Easter! some lovely things here, cute bunny and cosies. Enjoy the time with your family. x

  3. I love hunny bunny - so beautiful and perfect - and the bags; so cute : )

  4. those bags and egg cosies are SO should add yourself to the folksy friday forum (didn't see you mentioned there) happy easter, marice :0)

  5. Hi Nerys, thank you for the feature! Happy Easter :) Charlotte

  6. I hope you all had a lovely easter - I certainly did. Thanks for the tip about the folksy forum marice, I'll check it out. x


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