Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Circle of Friends Award

Well as I mentioned yesterday Jessica from Imagination in Flight has nominated me for the Circle of Friends Award. Thanks Jess!so first off I need to share with you 5 things that I love. Here they are:

1: My Sister

She's two years older, four inches shorter, and jetting away to Canada next month with her lovely fella for a whole year! And as we live 450 miles apart already I'll not get the chance to see her again now before she goes. Sob! I've promised to buy a web cam and get skype up and running so that we can continue to natter (and believe me the girl can natter!) as usual.

2: Jeff

Jeff was my sister's teddy who was left unwanted and abandoned on her windowsill until my chubby little fingers were able to drag him down and he hasn't left my side since. He is extremely agoraphobic, enjoys reading stories about vampires and helps me with my sewing. He will also be choosing giveaway winners so keep your eyes peeled for more Jeff!

3: Boiled Eggs

Confession - I actually had to postpone writing this post so I could go and boil some eggs after searching for pictures of them made me hungry! I could live on boiled eggs. If I was stranded on a desert island and could choose 3 things to take with me a Chicken would definitely be one.

4: Symmetry

image c/o APPLIQUE

The OCD in me loves symmetry. Everything needs to be equal and straight and dividable - neat and tidy. Have had to put away the rug we had in the living room because BF would kick it out of place on purpose just to watch me get up and correct it. Very very mean.

5: Harry Potter

image c/o Road to Joy

Guilty pleasure? Nope, no guilt here! I was the same age as Harry when the first book came out, and boy did I wish I went to Hogwarts! I love the escapism of these books and every few months I stick on the audio books as a background to sew to and get disappointed at the end of the day when I have to turn them off.

So there you have it - 5 of my many loves. Now here are my 5 nominees:

Abbi from edwina.simone
Alicia from Posie Gets Cozy
Jane from APPLIQUE
Allisa from Quiltish
Christina from The Sometimes Crafter

Check them out - lovely people and lovely blogs!


  1. Aaah, what a lovely post. Thanks, my dear. I've not had lunch yet & that boiled egg is making me want one! Mmmmmnn


  2. well done Nerys!

    I love boiled eggs too

    Kapow Boiled Eggs:

    soft boil them and then peel them being careful not to burst them.

    Then get a bit of toast (buttered or non buttered depending on the mood) and tear it up and lay it out in the bottom of a bowl.

    Then put your eggs (2 for me) on the toast and mash them with your fork and stir it all up until you've got eggie toast mush.



    (the mashing's often the best part, watch out for spatter!)

  3. I love the fact that all I've done all day is talk about boiled eggs! BF was telling me the other day about how his Granny used to mash up soft boiled eggs for him. Thought he was wierd but Kapow does it too! sounds yummy, though I'd be a bit nervous of the peeling part. Hungry again now! :)

  4. thank you so much for thinking of my blog in your circle of friends! much appreciated, xo

    ps. big fan of symmetry myself ;)

  5. Surprised I beat Jeff!! Love, your afore mentioned nattery sister xx ps keep up the good work, will be showing off your crochet skills with my hat,gloves, purse and jewellery bag in Canada!

  6. Just to clarify that the above is in no particular order! :P


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