Monday, 12 April 2010

Sun Day in Donegal

Well some of you may know that I had a weekend of sewing planned. But come Sunday I was lured out of the house by the temptation of a beach picnic. Who could resist?? So we loaded up the car and off we went for a trip around north Donegal.

First stop Grianan Fort,

which overlooks loughs Swilly and Foyle.

Then on to Dunree beach, where we managed to clamber over pebbles and rocks away from the main beach to a tiny little secluded inlet.

Where much sunbathing was to be had, as well as the first paddle of the year!

But herein lies the problem: As we have been lounging on the beach enjoying the sunshine and the feel of sand between our toes, the tide has been creeping in, submerging the rocks and pebbles previously clambered over to reach the inlet. With lack of bathers, various backpacks and two non-swimmers in our midst, swimming back really isn't an option. Which only leaves one other solution:

Hiking a mountain of course! Our relaxing lazy day had officially ended and trudging up the hillside with no water was no fun at all, but the views from the top were absolutely breathtaking.

Then it was down the other side through bog and brambles to change our sodden shoes before visiting Dunree fort.

A lovely, if not rather more exhilarating day than was expected was had by all, and there was just enough time for a quick supper before falling into bed for a great night's sleep!

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