Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Business Stationary Finally Here!

So peeps, Mr Postman just knocked on my door with the last of my stationary. My kitchen table has just been commandeered by all things Crafty Jemima!

I got these business cards the other day from Moo Cards:

I also got some mini ones and a sticker book. I love stickers!

Then I got a large box from Vista Print this afternoon full of loads of these lovely postcards:

As well as some note cards and stationary.

It's so great to finally see this stuff printed and real and touchable. It took quite a bit longer than I'd expected to get all of this sorted out, but I suppose that makes it all the better now they're here. I suppose I'd better box it up again and get back to the sewing machine - if I can manage to stop staring at it all in glee!


  1. looks wonderful! you must be feeling like a real business now :)
    %*_*% rosey

  2. Yep. And am making a list of who to send postcards to! :)

  3. Please Jemima, post me a postcard!


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