Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Easter Weekend

Hello everyone. Well we arrived back safe and sound from our trip to Wales. We had a lovely Easter break, but had one too many a late night and I'm finding it hard to settle back into the old routine. Anyway I thought I'd pay blog land a flying visit before getting on with some making. Here are my weekend highlights:

Finally the Daffodils are in full bloom. After such a harsh winter they're very very late this year. I remember a couple of years ago my dad saying he'd seen some out in mid-December!

Now I'm not a massive chocolate fan but Lindt is my absolute favourite. I haven't cracked into my bunny yet - maybe a couple of chunks will accompany my mid-afternoon cuppa!

And look what I was given - I was visiting my aunt and spotted this lovely little brooch in her kitchen. She caught me admiring it and told me to keep it, as it was made from the spare fabric left over from my dress when I was bridesmaid at their wedding, 19 years ago! What a lovely idea to make keepsakes that mark a special occasion. I'm a very sentimental being so I'm thrilled with it!

Anyway I hope everyone had a lovely Easter - I'm off to find a sketch pad and a pair of scissors. See where the inspiration takes me!


  1. that is a lovely idea indeed! and for you to have it means so much.
    have fun recovering

  2. Lovely idea to make brooches with the left over fabric and I'm all for a bit of sentimental 'hoarding' I love the history of objects etc.

    I am a firm dark chocolate girl with once exception, Lindt bunnies, yummy!



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