Friday, 23 July 2010

Folksy Friday

Happy Friday everyone. Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday - I seem to have gotten all in a kerfuffle with my sleeping pattern this week so fingers crossed I'll have straightened it out by the end of the weekend. But anyways, I have found some gorgeous paper decorations so show you today. This might actually be my favourite Folksy Friday to date!

These sweet little butterfly confetti are made by goosberrymoon.

This paper print bunting is made by English Vintage.

This framed paper hearts picture is sold by Lolly & Boo.

Rae Welch makes a range of beautiful paper birds. Sparrows, magpies, robins, blue tits, and even a few butterflies too!

And finally Bookity make a range of decorations and accessories from recycled books.

The rain is supposed to hold off until tomorrow so I think we're going to fire up the barbie tonight and pretend the weather is good! We haven't had one for at least a month - I'm having BBQ withdrawal!


  1. Lovely collection and tweet tweet i think the paper bird is superb!

  2. It's beautiful. We had loads of blue tits in our garden when I was growing up. Only pigeons and the occasional magpie now. boo!

  3. Hi thanks for that, had a good look through your blog, great fun, i will be keeping an eye on you.
    Stephne x


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