Tuesday, 6 July 2010

A New Friend

Do you ever get those cravings to create for no good reason? After making and making for the craft fair last week I just wanted to make something meaningless and fun. So yesterday I got out the craft books and decided to make us a new little friend:

Meet Coco the bear! I got the pattern from Tone Finnanger's Sew Pretty Homestyle. I've had that book for a year now and have been dying to make one of the projects ever since. The pattern is meant to be machine stitched but I just wanted to sit in front of the TV with a cuppa and busy my hands for a while. It was incredibly easy to make and I was done in a few hours - great for quenching that urge to make and leaves you with a lovely sense of accomplishment!
There's a pattern for a jumper and shorts for the bear to wear but I think I'll try and work out a dress pattern for her instead. I'm actually working on my own bear pattern too as I'd like to make one that's not as tall and gangly, and a bit smaller. I'll let you know how I get on!


  1. He looks like he's going to be well-loved. I've really got to try and make one of the angels in that book over the holidays.

  2. Aye I might try one of the christmas angels too. If they're as easy as the bear we'll have them whipped up in no time!


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