Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Giveaway winner!

So it's time to pick a winner for the giveaway. Are you excited?? I was! There will be none of that random number generator nonsense going on at Jemima HQ though. We pick winners good old fashioned raffle style and today I enlisted the help of my trusted assistant Jeff.

Over to you draw master Jeff:

As beautiful as you look in my hat, you're supposed to put the entries into it, not wear it!

That's better!

Having no aposable thumbs presents many challenges in life, but this particular problem was overcome by a makeshift fishing rod and some sellotape!

Reel her in Jeff!
And the winner is....

Kerry from Pennydog! Congrats Kerry! If you'd like to email me your address I'll send your goodies up to you.

A big thanks to everyone who entered. There were a good few names in the hat - a fair few more than I was expecting for my first ever giveaway, so thank you. And better luck next time!


  1. Well done to Kerry, I just love draw master Jeff :-)

  2. Congrats Kerry!! I think everyone needs a Jeff in their life! =}

  3. Everyone does need a Jeff in their life. Except this one's mine and I'm not sharing! :)

  4. Woo! Thanks Jeff :D


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