Friday, 9 July 2010

Folksy Friday

Happy Friday everyone. I had a bit of a late start this morning owing to spending a few hours in casualty last night. What a week we are having!! My friend Collette (who I know reads my posts and I've been threatening to give a shout out to for a while now - Hi Collette!) tripped up some stairs and broke and dislocated a finger in the process of trying to steady herself. Ouch!!

But in every situation there is a silver lining (although I'm struggling to find a silver lining in the kayaking incident I must admit!) and from last night's events I have indeed found my Folksy Friday theme for this week. Enjoy Folksy's finest finger puppets!

Rose Lullaby Dolls creates all manner of pretty puppets and dolls.

You can find almost every animal imagined in finger puppet form over at With Hugs and Kisses.

This quirky birdie and friends are made by Dharmaflyer Crafts.

Blue Agapanthus makes these cute little amigurumi pups.

And finally it's Bret and Jermaine! These Flight of the Concord finger puppets are joined by Bjork, Morrissey and Ziggy Stardust over at Ding Dong Designs.

So, they say that bad things come in threes, and a good few of my friends are planning a spot of Go-Karting tomorrow. Strap on them helmets nice and tight guys!!

And before I leave you I'll remind you that this is blog post number 99, so on Monday it's giveaway time! So be sure to stop by!


  1. the finger puppets are all great Nerys, love the flight of the Conchords ones :D

  2. Such a cool idea for the blog post - very cute! :)

  3. Oh dear. Hope Collette's fingers aren't hurting too much and they mend soon. Love all your finger puppet finds


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