Thursday, 15 July 2010

Urgh. There's nothing worse than having a cold in summer. No Sir! I have a serious case of the sniffles and I am not a happy bunny. But there's nothing like a lovely bag of buttons dropping through your letterbox to perk you up a bit!

Look how pretty they are!! No chance of staying grumpy with these babies around.

So I'm desperately trying to wolf down the vitamin C. I have no time to be sick! Today is the result of the City of Culture bid and I have been invited to go down to the city's Guildhall this evening to hear the announcement. For those of you who are interested the result will be announced live on the One Show tonight - 7pm, BBC1. Exciting times!! So everyone keep all your crossables crossed, and leave the breaking mirrors and walking under ladders till tomorrow.

Oh and before I go I'll remind you guys that the giveaway is still open. It's easy peasy lemon squeezy to enter so why not try your hand??

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