Monday, 8 March 2010

Yearning for Yarn

It always seems to go that when you've got a big stack of paperwork to get though there is something jumping up and down, waving its arms and shouting "pick me instead"!

For me yesterday it was this stack of yummy yarn that kept calling to me. "Grab a hook, take me out to the beautiful sunshine and turn me into pretty flowers" it kept saying.

Regretfully I had to decline, and once I was done with the paper-mound, went on to re-organize my craft room. All the while BF and friends where sunning themselves on a beach in Donegal. He came home and told me that he'd found a marvelous piece of driftwood for me to hang my lovely craft bits from, but then they'd gotten stranded and had to use it as a bridge to cross a river. How helpful that information was to me!

It's not all bad though. I worked, tidied, wrote, organized and threw away, all the while comforting myself with the knowledge that in less than a week I too shall be walking along the shore here:

and here:

and here:

But plenty more to be getting on with before then. I have several meetings and appointments this week, and I need to make birthday prezzies for my Dad, Mothers Day prezzies for my Mum, a few custom orders and a secret prezzie that I'll give you a sneaky peak of once it's finished. All before Thursday. Best get on then!

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