Monday, 22 March 2010


I've recently rediscovered this beading project I started for GCSE Art. I can hardly believe that it's been sitting in a box somewhere unfinished for 8 years! Gosh how time flies.

I had completely forgotten that I'd done this, but thinking back I remember that it was meant to be the hairband of a Celtic goddess I was painting on fabric. I can vividly remember raiding my mums sewing box for a needle and thread, and buying the beads at hobbycraft! I didn't talk to anyone about the design, had never attempted to sew before, I just locked myself up in my bedroom one night and gave it a go! I even found the reminder of the beads in a matchbox too.

I gave up Art as a subject after GCSE but thinking back I remember that most of my projects involved working with fabric. For about five years I lost the creative bug somewhere but it's lovely to know that it's always been there just waiting for a little inspiration. And it's back with a vengeance now!

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