Saturday, 20 March 2010

Weekend Baking

I just love a bit of weekend baking. On Friday the house was filled with the glorious smell of freshly baked bread wafting from the oven.

I decided not to bother with a loaf tin this time and just plonked the dough into the middle of a baking tray. I think it's my best loaf to date. It's really light and fluffy. BF seemed to like it as there's only half a loaf left now!

And as I've been left to my own devices this weekend whilst BF is away with friends in Donegal, I finally found the occasion to bake a carrot cake. One of my new year's resolutions finally ticked off the list.

The cake itself was beautiful. Really moist, sweet and spicy. Yum yum!

I was quite disappointed by the topping though. I found a recipe which called for 250g cream cheese with 200g icing sugar and lemon juice. The picture showed a stiff, spreadable icing which was exactly what I wanted. My icing however turned into liquid as soon as I added the sugar to the cheese. Not sure if it's because I used low fat cheese. I ended up bunging a bit of marmalade in the mix too. Also I only ended up using half of the topping so the rest will be binned before I'm tempted to take a spoon to it!

Anyway aside from the texture it is all completely yummy. I'll just have to sort the topping out next time I suppose. I think I've spent most of the weekend running into the kitchen and inhaling, much to the annoyance of my sinuses which are already battling a cold at the mo.

Right, must wrap this up as Ireland v Scotland has just kicked off. Go Ireland!!


  1. Ooh yum! Looks delicious! I daren't bake at the minute for fear of eating myself to a size where I can't get out of the house!

  2. Yes I'm gonna have to have something super healthy for supper now! x

  3. Lovely blog! Your baked goods are making me feel very hungry indeed!!

    I think (could be wrong) that with cream cheese frosting you have to stop mixing before you think you should or it has a tendency to break down and turn too watery.

    I def need to go find some cake now!

  4. Thanks for the tip - not sure I'll bother with the same frosting next time. Not too keen on the cheesieness.


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