Monday, 1 March 2010

St. David's Day

A very happy St. David's Day to you all! I am proudly wearing my leek (felt, not real) and shall be making Bara Brith this afternoon. Yum yum! Maybe I'll share the recipe with you all later. The sun is shining and it looks like spring has arrived at long last. No sign of daffodils yet though - we've had too cold a winter!

When we were in primary school we would dress in traditional Welsh costume every St. David's Day, and schools would send a group picture to the local paper. My parents have plenty of pictures of us dressed up each year, but as I'm not going home until the weekend after next I haven't been able to get my hands on any. Instead, here's a pic of me and my sister representing Wales at the Interceltic Festival, Lorient, 2005.

that's me on the left!

Female costume consists of a long woven skirt, an apron, a short fronted buttoned jacked, a blouse, shawl, lace bonnet, and tall felt hat. These beautiful costumes were handmade to fit by the very talented Ruth Petersen, daughter-in-law of Dave Petersen, who is sporting welsh Tartan in the centre of the picture.

My Dad, who is an avid historian, actually has pictures of women from our village dressed like this from back when it was everyday wear! Unfortunately, these days the traditional costume is being dropped more and more often on St. David's Day in favour of a Welsh Rugby jersey. But Daffodils and Leeks are still being worn with pride!

So a very happy St David's Day to everyone. Have a great day!


  1. Happy St David's Day! I wish we did something remotely interesting on St George's Day, but it's not really got the right connotations any more! I'd love to wear a felt vegetable!

  2. Daffodils are still just green stems here in the Midlands too! Love Bara Brith though x

  3. Happy St David's day! A fantastic costume, very practical for colder weather too! Must find out what Bara Brith is? Sounds interesting. Cathy x

  4. Bara Brith means speckled or spotted bread. It's a kind of fruit loaf but actually it's more cakey than bread. I'll be making some this week so I'll have the recipe and pics up.


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