Wednesday, 10 March 2010

First Feltie - Norris the Gnome!

Well first off I'd like to say a very Happy Birthday to my lovely Dad. Being in his 60s and not too computer savvy I think it's safe to show you the prezzie I made for him.

I give you Norris the singing Garden Gnome!

My Dad is a gardener and has recently put up a new greenhouse to grow veggies in. As everyone knows that veggies taste much better if a garden gnome sings to them whilst they grow, Norris here will spend his days crooning amongst the tomatoes.

My Mum said she was excited to hear little Norris belting the tunes out, but I had to inform her that Norris is a very shy gnome, and only sings when he is completely alone with the plants. Disappointing, but yummy veggies shall be had none the less!

Give us a twirl Norris!

Norris and I shall be making our way across the Irish sea to sunny Wales tomorrow where he shall sit amongst the seedlings in his glassy new home. BF is not best pleased that he's leaving us though so I've promised to make Norris a sibling for us to keep in out little plastic grow tunnel thingy.

Norris is my first attempt at a feltie / softie and I'm very please with how he turned out. Maybe as I become more confident in making them, they in turn won't be so shy. In the mean time, Norris is waving you all goodbye (or at least he would be if I'd given him arms or hands) and packing his bags. Pack mine whilst you're at it Norris!


  1. He's super cute! I hope your father loved his gnome and his gnome loves his new shiny home.

  2. It looks great Nerys, I'm sure he will love it!

  3. What a fab present...and a bonus he sings to the veggies too!! can't believe it's your first attempt, norris looks very well turned out...marice x

  4. Ahh, very cute, I'm sure your dad won't be able to resist!

  5. how gorgeous is he! lucky dad :)


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