Friday, 5 March 2010

Folksy Friday

My brain is fried trying to choose between two concepts for my logo design. I keep changing my mind! So I thought I'd take some time out to write this weeks Folksy Friday. I'm currently working on another order for personalized bunting and absolutely fell in love with the powder blue shade of felt I'm using for the lettering. I love working with felt and adore the massive range of colours it offers. I currently own 71 different shades! Bliss. So felt shall be this weeks theme, and here are my Friday favourites:

Who wouldn't want three golden suns dangling from their wrists? This beaded bracelet by fatcat felt would brighten even the grayest of days.

This crocheted then felted rose brooch is made by the pink fairy cake, whose shop also features very pretty felted bracelets, hair slides and rings.

If ever you need to go incognito then lupin handmade will sort you out. As well as brooches, ornaments and felty supplies, there is a range of moustaches and masks to render the wearer unrecognizably disguised. Laura currently has a sale in her etsy store : Free gifts for all buyers & 10% off for orders over $20 until Monday.

This vibrant needle felted brooch is made by Idéekado. At long last our skies have been shining a similar shade of blue all week. Long may it continue!

And finally this felted bead bracelet is made by fyberknitics. The earthy lime and teal colours are beautiful!

So now that's done it's back to deciding on the logo. I think I've made my mind up now - we just have to do a few revisions. It's all very exciting! I have my start date at long last so not long to go now at all. I'll be spending most of my weekend in my favourite place - behind my sewing machine. I hope you all enjoy the lovely weather, whatever you may be doing!


  1. Oooo the yellow beaded bracelet is lovely...and the rose is fab too, nice picks, looking forward to seeing your new logo, happy sewing - i'm having a weekend off!! Marice x

  2. I couldn't take a weekend off even if I wanted to - my head is too full of things to do. Everytime I close my eyes I see fabric and sewing patterns floating about. Not that I'm complaining! Getting excited about it all now. :)

  3. Lovely felted crafts! I love them all esp the rose brooch.


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