Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Learn Something New

If you cast your minds back to the beginning of the year I made my first new year's resolutions in many many years. For those of you who missed them, here they are. Well anyways most of them are going well - lagging a bit on the make things for me resolution, but before now I've been totally stumped with number 10 - Learn Something New.

My Parents usually come over to stay during the last week of May so that's usually when my garden gets any attention. Maybe now would be a good time to mention that my Dad is a gardener! So basically everything I have in my garden is what's available for planting in late May.

I have a slight crush on these pansies that I planted last week.

So I've decided that my Learn Something New resolution will be Gardening. I obviously know some of the basics so I'm not starting from scratch, but I only really know how to water and weed. I want to learn how to grow something from seed, what time of year I need to plant different flowers and veggies, what needs direct sunlight, what can be grown in shallow soil etc.

They are the most beautiful shade of flowers I have ever seen! "Summer Embers" I think they're called.

So I'm gonna start putting together a folder of information - I could buy a few books but I'd rather check them out of the library and copy out the useful stuff. And of course pick my Dad's brain as he knows everything there is to know about every species of plant known to man! Well maybe not every single one, but he is very knowledgeable.

And if I enlist the help of this wise and handsome fellow I'm sure my little garden will be in full bloom very soon. This lovely kitty is Starsky, lord of our little Park, who frequently comes over the fence for a belly tickle and a chin scratch. He's great company on my daily watering round!

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