Friday, 25 June 2010

Folksy Friday

The sun is shining down on Derry today, and I've got that Friday feeling! The weekend is here! Not that I have any plans this weekend, but it's nice to have some company round here! For today's Folksy Friday I've chosen some fairytale inspired prints. Enjoy!

This adorable print is entitled "A Flutter By", and is sold by Pixie Doodle Gifts.

Mochalulu makes these beautiful prints from her original artwork.

"The Girl and The Fox" is a print of an original illustration which has been digitally coloured by Blackoutwell

I love love love this Little Red Riding Hood illustration! It's one of a set of three by artquirk.
And finally this original illustration by Elli Moody is being sold as a birthday card. And I can assure you that all of her cards are as cute as this one!

So I'll be having a predictably crafty weekend - good thing too as Mr Weatherman is telling us that we're in for a rotten, soaking weekend. I'm hoping for a thunderstorm. If it has to rain it can do it in style! I could stand at a window for hours watching lightning bolts and listening for grumbling clouds. It's magic!


  1. Thanks for featuring my elephant friends card! Have a good weekend (fingers crossed for thunder then! :)

  2. im praying for thunder too Nerys, if only to clear this muggy NI weather! Great prints you've found here, love them all

    Kellie xx

  3. Yeah it was lovely this morning but by this evening it's far too close. a bit of thunder then lovely sunshine please!

  4. they are so wonderful,
    great talents


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