Thursday, 6 May 2010

Vote Vote Vote

Well I've done it - I've cast my first ever vote.  It was a bit of an anticlimax to be honest.  The guy at the desk couldn't pronounce my name, then asked me how and still couldn't get it right.  These Irish aren't too keen on rolling their Rrrrr's!

Then I went behind the wee cubicle thingy (that looked more like one of those stands that you use to fill in your lottery numbers than an all important vote casting booth) and crossed my x in the chosen box.  There was absolutely no one else in the room and it took all of a minute to do.  No fanfares, no cheering - quite a boring experience in the end.

But all is not lost - I'm on a caffeine drive so that I can stay up past midnight and watch the first results come in.  And it will be all the more exciting as I'll be completely wired!  So, which one of these Chaps will make it to the top spot??

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