Monday, 17 May 2010

Lazy Sunday

Don't you just love a good old lazy Sunday? Nothing to get up for, nowhere to be. Now this Sunday wasn't a full blown stay in your pajamas and hide from the world day - curtains were drawn, bodies were dressed, friends were visited. We even managed an impromptu trip to the cinema to see Robin Hood (which was really rather good I might add).

But no lazy Sunday is complete without the compulsory comfort food. This week's nibbles of choice were:

Chocolate chip cookies for the chocolate loving fruit hating BF; and

Stewed apples and blueberries all for me! I'm fascinated with the way blueberries transform when they're heated and turn everything a deep pink. I think they taste nicer warm too.

I even managed to do a bit of selfish sewing too. I started to make the bag that came free with Kath Kidson's Sew!, until visions of Russel Crowe riding horseback through Sherwood Forest tempted me away from the machine. I am only human after all! And after all that excitement I came home and curled up on the sofa with some hexagons to keep my hands entertained. So how about you? Did anyone else have a rather enjoyable Sunday?


  1. Ooh that Cath Kidston fabric is lovely! I also saw Robin Hood at the weekend - I thought it was great, despite the ever-changing accents lol

    Sarah x

  2. Yeah it is beautiful. It's ducking. I think I'm gonna line mine though - don't like raw edges inside begs etc. The accents were quite funny, but at least they tried unlike other films where actors don't even bother to hide their accents - Marie Antoinette & Valkyrie to name but a couple!


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