Friday, 7 May 2010

Folksy Friday

Well what about that result then? Despite a Conservative win we're still not sure who'll be PM yet so for now we just wait and see I guess. I watched most of the coverage last night and early this morning, so I really need a politics free afternoon before my head explodes! So what to choose as a theme this week? Well as I've just witnessed one leaving me a lovely present on my nice clean windows, I've chosen birds for this weeks Folksy Friday. Here they are:

jemima lumley jewellery makes these adorable little birdy studs. So cute.

I seem to have developed a liking for bird cages. Or rather bird cage designs. This pendant is made by Rose and Raven.

I love these wee birds on these giant hoops. The contrast is lovely. These are made by nuada accessories.

This little beauty is made by Ali Bali Jewellery. I love the leaf wing design.

And finally these sweet little studs are made by Lucy Campbell Designer Jewellery. Usually I'm all about the symmetry but I love the fact that these are slightly different.

So I'm planning a weekend of rubbish TV and sleep to soothe my overloaded brain. Hope you enjoy yours, whatever you may be up to!


  1. Beautiful selections. Feel free to pop by my blog for a fairground treat!

  2. They are gorgeous! I love alibali jewellery

  3. Such lovely items....and well done you for voting by the way!

  4. All of them are lovely - I really like the last pair of studs.

  5. Lovely choices - and thanks for including my earrings!


    jemima (though not the crafty one!)

  6. OMG those birds on the big hoop earrings are really cool, great collection :0)


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