Friday, 29 January 2010

Still Here

Hello Lovelies,

So there's no Folksy Friday for me today. I'm recovering slowly but surely from surgery on Monday, but the painkillers I'm on are giving me major brain fuzz, so even writing a few sentences is taking major concentration.

I thought I'd just stop buy and say hi, thank those of you who wished me well and share with you the most amazing bunch of flowers I got from my family back in Wales:

The bouquet is so big that I've had to keep them in the packaging they came in and just keep topping up the water. Those lilies have really opened up now too so the house smells gorgeous!

Right well I'm off to try and get some more sleep - haven't been able to get much this week unfortunately. I'll be sure to check back in when my brain decides to behave itself again. See ya!

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