Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy New Year - Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

Hello 2010! How did everyone enjoy their Christmas and new year celebrations? I made it back to Wales (just) for /Christmas, then back to Derry (just) for New Year's Eve. I was really lucky as the weather was bad both days that I was travelling, but in the end there wasn't a delay on either flight. Phew!

As BF and I were spending yet another Christmas apart (as yet we've never spent Christmas day together), we had a big dinner together about a week early. It was very yummy, even if I do say so myself. I of course made too much food but hey, Christmas comes but once a year right?

Then it was off to Bristol for lunch with my 4 sisters, before heading on to Wales for a much overdue catch-up with friends and family. Christmas was lovely - I spent a lot of time with my Gran, my parents and my sister. I ate a lot, didn't drink too much but was still very merry!

Then on boxing day I went for a spin with my parents to walk off some of the excess food we'd devoured the day before. Now I can honestly say that this is my favourite place on earth - Ceibwr. It's in north Pembrokeshire and there's nothing quite like sitting here on a really stormy day watching the sea crash against the cliffs. There's something quite comforting about this stretch of coastline. I often drove down there on my own but it's a place where I never feel lonely.

Anyway BF has reluctantly put off taking the Christmas tree down until tomorrow, so we've been constructing flat pack furniture over the past couple of days so I can get my craft room organized. The end of Christmas is so depressing - I need a distraction. And I have plenty to be getting on with!!

I'll be sure to put up some pics of the craft room when it's finished. My camera has decided that after 5 years of service it's going to abruptly retire, so I'll pretend that that's why I'm not putting a before shot up - I'm afraid it's gotten quite messy in there at the mo!


  1. I'm very jealous of your craft room! I've got a corner of my bedroom and a cupboard acting as my craft space...!

  2. Oh I wouldn't get too jealous. There isn't room to swing a cat in there!!

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