Friday, 15 January 2010

Folksy Friday

Well Christmas is over and the house is looking bare, so I thought that my first ever Folksy Friday should showcase some lovely decorations to spruce up our houses and fill the post-festive void.

This lovely birdy is by The Linen Cat - I love the vibrant colours against the brown background.


This is one of the nicest russian doll fabrics I've come across and I love the idea of using embrodery hoops to frame wall hangings.  This piece is by Pegs Might Fly


Definately the most imaginative hanging that caught my eye today is this collage by Strangelord.  This cute birdie was made of recycled christmas decorations and ginger spice's boot!


 This adorable hanging would be perfect for a child's bedroom or door.  I love the colours!  It's made by Hollie Lollie and can be personalized too.

These vibrant little hangings are made by The Rainbow Room.  You can't help but smile when you look at them!

All this miserable weather we've been getting as well as the general post Christmas come down can leave us feeling a litlle blue, but these beauties should cheer us up in no time!  Happy Friday everyone.


  1. Hi Nerys, Thanks for featuring one of my lavender birds, always nice to get a mention on someone's blog. Hope you have a great 2010 with lots of craftiness. Beth/The Linen Cat

  2. Great idea, my house could do with some pretty decorations to brighten it up, I like seeing little things hanging in people's windows, makes you smile when you walk by.

  3. Thanks so much for including my ickle rainbows, we all need cheering up at this time of year!

  4. What a pretty post! Also just to let you know that there is a blog award waiting for you over at my blog ( - love the blog! Sarah x

  5. im feeling better already (^_^) our snow has dissapeared now so it's nice to see cute, bright things! I love the russian doll fabric.. the hoops really do make great frames :o)

    Roll on spring! Love your Blog!


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