Thursday, 3 February 2011

On my Knitting Sticks...

Hello February! Can you believe I'm already on my second knitting project of the month?? I've just finished off my lace scarf (which is proving horribly problematic to photograph - maybe it's just camera shy!) and I've finished me a pair of fingerless gloves already!

I found this lovely pattern here and shortened them a little (due to lack of yardage), then decided I preferred the way they looked inside out! I'm loving the colour too - not my usual choice but I fancied starting a new project and I had this in my stash. I think it works! And currently on my knitting sticks is a thick row of lovely chunky wool:

This project is knitting up gratifyingly quickly. I'll have it finished now in a couple of hours!

And then I suppose I'd better turn my attention back to the shawl from hell. I have yet again gotten distracted and made a mistake. We'll see now whether I can knit back to it or whether I'll be frog frog frogging again for the umpteenth time! One things for sure - if I ever get it finished I'm gonna wear it to death! Happy knitting. :)

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