Thursday, 24 February 2011

Wishlist Wednesday

Ok so on top of my to do list is to schedule blog posts! So it turns out that my blogging days have become my busiest days of the week. I'm gonna have to start writing in advance me thinks. Anyhoo, this week it's Wishlist Wednesday and this week I have my eye on some lovely prints to liven up my magnolia walls.

So I'm nearly all unpacked now and have started doing a bit of me crafting. I'm currently crocheting my fingers off trying to make a throw for my currently non-existent sofa. It's fulfilling my granny square obsession no end! Pics to come! :)


  1. I've also got a granny square obsession at the moment! Can't wait to see your throw.
    I really like the 'I Love Sewing' pic, there's some lovely things in that shop :)

  2. Yeah as soon as I scrape a few pennies together I'm gonna get me an I love sewing print. Have been drooling over it for ages! Over half way through my granny squares now. Exciting times! :)


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