Friday, 4 February 2011

Folksy Friday

Oh my it's been blowing a gale all night and I have not slept one wink. I suppose that's one down side of sleeping up under the rafters. I've been waiting for the roof to come off since I got home last night! Anyway I'd best get this post finished so I can go back to bed!

Well yesterday was Chinese new year, and with it being the year of the Rabbit, I've found some lovely bunny themed items for this week's Folksy Friday:

Lavender bunnies by Pouch.

Little White Rabbit Sock Bunny by Widget and Friends.

Little Doozer Rabbits by Charley Dreams.

Harry the Rabbit by Crafty Lady.

And finally Sparkly Rabbit by The Glass Mountain.

Well to add insult to injury the cat has just gone and nabbed my breakfast whilst I went to answer the door. Who'd have thought Mr Mau likes boiled eggs! And it looks like the weather will be too wet and windy to shoot some arrows this weekend so it's shaping up to be a weekend of tea drinking and knitting for me. But not before I get some sleep. Nos da! :)

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