Monday, 31 January 2011

Bye Bye January

I have to admit I'm a little sad to be waving goodbye to January. After wishing and wishing that 2011 would hurry up and come it feels like it's hurrying buy a little too fast now. Well they do say that time flies when you're having fun, and January has definitely been a fun month. I'm hoping that it's set the fun bar for the rest of the year! So far this year I've partaken in a lot of knitting, tea drinking, beach walking and started doing a fair bit of archery - love it!

But I'm hoping that moving away from winter might bring us some warmer weather. Yes I know, I know, I shouldn't really complain about the cold as I've been championing crisp, crunchy days all winter, but boy is it Baltic today! We've run out of oil so the cat and I are huddled around a little blow heater whilst the huge bonfire the boat yard next door has lit is taunting me through the window! I even took me a cup of tea to the beach to warm my hands whilst I walked. Brrr. The sand was once again covered in sheets of ice. I don't think I'll ever get used to seeing that. It's so bizarre!

I spent the last day of January volunteering at my local Eco shop. I had a lovely day, and managed to get a fair bit of knitting done in between serving customers. But you can't work in a place like that without being inspired to do more at home so I've brought the compost bin up from the bottom of the lane and am itching to get planting again. I had decided not to plant anything here because we're not sure how long we can stay, but if I plant herbs and flowers it'll be lovely for whoever moves in here after us. There are a lot of bulbs and plants in our potting shed - who knows some of them could be revived yet!

But in the mean time I'm keeping my eyes out for the year's first snowdrop - they're late out this year! Anyone seen any yet?? There's always hope for spring and growth and life when those little pale blooms stretch out of the frozen ground. :)

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