Friday, 7 January 2011

Folksy Friday

Happy New Year! The first Friday of 2011 marks the return of Folksy Friday over here at Jemima HQ. We were struck down with new year lurgy this week but we're all lemsiped up and raring to go now.

It's been snowing again here this morning, though I don't think there's much chance of it sticking unfortunately. So because I love snowy weather so much, today I've chosen a winter theme for Folksy Friday.
This Woodland Feast A3 print is by SweetArt.

Beckipom Illustrations sells this beautiful Band in the Snow print.

This Packhorse Bridge print is sold by Aileen Barnard.

Christ Anderson Art painted this acrylic Castle in the Snow.

Everything you could need on a cold winter's day - a giant teacup and a woolly jumper stretching down to your toes. This Patterned Woolly Jumper Teacup Woman Winter print is by Ella Masters.

Well I've really enjoyed putting together my first Folksy Friday for a long while. I'm really enjoying getting back into blogging full stop and I've got a few great features coming up so watch this space!

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