Friday, 14 January 2011

Folksy Friday

Good morning! It's been a strange one over here at Jemima HQ today. I've had 3 hours sleep and they were filled with really random dreams. Then I woke early and couldn't get blogger to work so I thought to hell with it, I'm going to the beach!

Now let me tell you there's nothing like air guitaring along to your i-pod to clear your head! And the wind this morning is enough to well and truly blow away last night's cobwebs. Now the advantages of going walking that early I've discovered today is that there's no one there at that time in the morning so you can even risk a sing song too!

Anyhoo as I live between two boat yards and see the sea every day, I thought this weeks Folksy Friday could be nautical. Here are today's picks:

Kirsty Elson Designs makes these adorable little driftwood boats. I love the bunting!

This cute little Beach Hut Button Purse is made by BubbleBay.

This cheery little wall mounted driftwood boat was made by Driftwood Boat Builders.

Elli Moody makes these Custom Made Beach Huts.

And finally These Spotty Sail Boats are made by Handmade from the Heart.

So this weekend is shaping up to be music filled. I went along to my local open mic last night - that's become a regular occurrence these days, then tonight I have a recording session with the band and I'm going to a gig tomorrow night. Oh and maybe a folk night on Sunday! I may have to take my shawl with me some nights to get it done. More frogging has been done since my last post too. Boo! But I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend, whatever it is you may be doing.

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