Monday, 15 February 2010

Valentine's Day

So our valentine's day didn't exactly go to plan yesterday. BF and I decided on a whim to drive up to Belfast a few hours early to go to the cinema that we always went to when I lived there. A sort of trip down memory lane if you will. We booked our tickets online and hopped in the car - away we went.

Well first of all the water jets on the wipers weren't working so we had to stop several times to throw water over the windscreen so that we could see again. Then we got onto the motorway and that's where the fun began. Complete and utter gridlock. We sat for half an hour having moved about a mile the entire time before being diverted down winding roads to god knows where. In the end it took us 2 hours 45 to make the hour and a half journey to Belfast and needless to say the film had long started without us.

So we went and grabbed something to eat, sat around for an hour before leaving to collect my mother for the airport. As we were walking back to the car however I got a text from my mum saying that they were stuck, something was wrong with the plane and they might have to get off. Great! We ended up driving to the street that I used to live on and parking up outside my old house and sleeping in the car!

Mums 22:00 flight got in at 23:40 and we eventually crawled in through the front door at 1am. Needless to say the day did not go according to plan!

But there is a happy ending - I've just logged into my email to discover that I've won a Valentine Giveaway! I featured a brooch by Applique Originals in one of my Folksy Fridays a few weeks ago, and thought I'd enter a giveaway to win one of her lovely brooches. And win I did! This beautiful little heart will be starting it's journey towards my letterbox tomorrow morning:

I'm so thrilled! I'll be smiling for the rest of the day now. Thank you Jane!


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