Thursday, 18 February 2010

Custom Order

I thought I'd put up a few snaps of the custom order I've just finished off. It is currently making it's way over to Wales to be hand delivered by my Mum!

Now I haven't opened the shop yet but the little lady arrived a couple of weeks ago so I was asked to make a bunting to match the one I'd made for her brother last year. It's nice to get a repeat order!

And I thought I'd share with you the lovely goodies that came through my door yesterday. I opened up the parcel to find all of these:

Gosh it felt like Christmas all over again! I so wasn't expecting so many goodies!! They were all Valentine themed and made my week. Massive thanks again to Jane.


  1. Lovely bunting, I really like the blanket stitch it finishes it off so nicely, I also like the plain, bold colours.

    Lucky you with your parcels, I spy chocolate hearts, could do with some here as my chocolate stash is empty and I neeeeedddd chocolate ;)


    Oh, tried to post this comment from another browser so sorry if you get it twice.

  2. I'm so pleased you liked your giveaway prizes - thank you for featuring them on your blog. Warmest regards, Jane x


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