Thursday, 25 February 2010


I thought I'd quickly share with you two things that have made me smile today:

Firstly my crocheted brooch that I left at home over Christmas and recently got back. It is now safely pinned to my coat. I made and sold a few of these late last year but this one was my favourite so I kept it! And of course I forgot to write the pattern down so I need to work it out all over again to make more.

And secondly my lovely spotty tea pot! I could spend all day looking at tea pots - my mum and Nanny used to collect all those strangely shaped ones, so I'm proud to have restrained myself to owning only one. I'm afraid that this one was not hand-decorated by a fellow creative type, but rather I bought it in the Woolworths closing down sale. However my childhood weekends were spent browsing the CD isles and eyeing up the pick and mix in Woolies, so I got this as a bit of nostalgia from my once favourite, now non-existent, shop.

My lovely tea pot usually resides on the kitchen windowsill, but today he was filled to the brim with lovely steaming tea. He is unfortunately now empty but I am full to the brim with caffeine!
He was complaining about being a bit cold so I've promised to make him a nice cozy to keep him snug and warm. I asked him whether he would like a crocheted, knitted, or sewn cozy but he says he has no preference - what do you guys think?


  1. I only have a small teapot, my cosy is crocheted, but I have to admit that I didn't make it!

  2. What a lovely brooch! I've just started crocheting flowers, but I've still a lot to learn!

  3. Thanks. It was my first attempt at a pattern and I didn't need to change a thing so I'm really happy with it. Just have to remember what the pattern was now!


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