Friday, 12 February 2010

Folksy Friday

Well no surprise that today's folksy Friday's theme is Love! I do like Valentine's day - not the whole commercial rip off aspect of it, but I do like the excuse to do something a bit special together. Lately I haven't been much of a social being, I think I've only socialised 4 times since my op, so BF has been going out without me quite a bit. It will be nice to have him to myself this weekend.

Well having said that on Valentine's day itself my mother is arriving for a stay, so we're going to be spending Valentine's night doing the 150 mile round trip to pick her up from the airport. I'm not allowed behind the wheel yet so BF will have to do all of the driving - the things you do for love!

Anyhoo here we are, my favourite Folksy love themed items:

This beauty of a heart is by Gillian Chapman Felts. Her Folksy shop is full of beautiful felted items

"French Kisses" is a handmade Valentine's card by Konnie Kapow! You'll find cards for all occasion in her shop. Go take a look!

This lovely heart brooch is handmade by Polka. Her shop is full of lots of heart themed items including bags and ornaments.

I always struggle buying Valentine's cards as I find them disgustingly slushy, but this one is perfect - to the point without all that gushing nonsense! It's made by PookieSu.

Finally this lovely little heart brooch is by TamsynG. I've featured her before in a previous Folksy Friday and I'd definitely recommend a wee trip over to her shop.

So I hope that everyone has a great weekend, be it romantic or otherwise, and I'll be back next week for more crafty talk!


  1. they are all very 'love inspiring' glad you are feeling better.see you on twitter and get tyhem faggots down you

  2. perfect little gifts, thanks for doing the research :)
    i love making the day special for my hubby but i also buy a little something for all the loves in my life. this year i bought my 3 girls a chocolate loveheart lollipop each and i think hubs is buying them a little florist balloon each too... so much fun when we all get in on the action.
    smooches for a great v day

  3. Ooooh I am very in the mood for faggots - maybe I'll make them on valentine's day!

    Rosey it's lovely that you include your girls in the celebrations - I've been watching the debate on whether schools should ban valentine's cards with much interest today!


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